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  1. Our responsibility ceases on delivery to or by pick-up by transportation company.
  2. Before accepting parcels examine for loss or damage. When loss or damage occurs claim immediately on your transportation or insurance company.
  3. This company shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damage.
  4. Price of warehouse freight and insurance is extra if required and shall not be deemed to be part purchase price of goods.


  1. The goods shall remain the property of TJM Products until they are paid for.
  2. If the customer has possession of the goods, but they are still owned by TJM Products, the customer shall be the trustee of those goods until they are sold to a purchaser.
  3. If the goods are sold by the customer, moneys received by the customer shall be held in trust for TJM Products until the customer pays for the goods. All moneys so received by the customer shall be separately identified so that they can be recovered by TJM Products if the customer fails to pay for the goods.
  4. The customer allows TJM Products and persons authorised by it to enter the customer’s remises where the goods are stored to inspect and recover them.
  5. Until TJM Products is paid for the goods, the customer shall keep them separate from other products so that they can be easily identified, and recovered.
  6. If, contrary to its obligations in this clause, the customer mixes goods owned by TJM Products with other products, so that the goods cannot be separately identified, the customer authorises TJM Products to recover such of those goods and products for which TJM Products, at its sole discretion, decides it has not been paid.


If –

  1. Payment is not made in accordance with TJM Products terms of trade; and/or
  2. The customer become insolvent, as to which TJM Products shall be the sole judge- TJM Products is authorised to enter an premises in which the customer stores the goods and repossess those goods and dispose of them as it thinks fit. Any shortfall between the moneys due and owing by the customer to TJM Products and the proceeds of sale, shall be recoverable against the customer.


Risk of the goods shall pass to the customer upon delivery.


  1. No goods will be accepted for credit adjustment without prior authorisation from this company in advance in writing.
  2. Transportation charges must be prepaid and original invoice number must accompany returned goods if approval is granted.
  3. Goods purchased in Special Order are not acceptable for credit.
  4. Goods under the invoice value of $50.00 are not acceptable for credit.
  5. A 10%-25% handling, repackaging and processing charge may be applied to all credits depending on the nature of the goods.
  6. No claims recognised after 10 days from date of invoice.
  7. Acceptance of the goods means the acceptance of these conditions.
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